For Spring quarter, we have presentations and games coming your way!

We will start with Picnic Day on April 13 (Saturday). Although there is no Math Circle, the UC Davis Math Circle Team has co-organized some booth activities with the UC Davis Math Department to bring you fun and engaging activities. The theme for Math Circle activities would be polytopes (we have three activities in store), come with your family to UC Davis campus to find out more!

The subsequent weeks will consist of presentations from professors and students in the UC Davis Mathematics Department, taught at a level appropriate for middle school/early high school students. Please note that these age groups are suggestions, meant to inform parents of the maturity level necessary for and/or the level of interactivity provided in the class. We do not turn anyone away from any class based on age or grade. 

Finally, we will end with the fun-filled math auction for you to exercise and stretch that mathematical muscle.

Classes will be held on Saturdays 12-2 PM in Mathematical Sciences Building 2112 on the UC Davis Campus. Additionally, all on-campus parking is free on weekends.

Please note that this schedule may change slightly as time goes on, but any changes will be sent out in advance through email.

We will also launch Math Circle Junior that is catered towards 2nd to 4th graders. The classes are led by Irina Kloumova and require parental involvement from time to time. Interested individuals can email us for further details.

April 13 – Picnic Day, Theme: Polytopes (No Math Circle)

Presentation/Games Series (grades 8-12)

  • April 20 – Compound Interest, Population Growth, and Benford’s Law (Professor Tim Lewis)
  • April 27 – From Catalan Numbers to Quantum Field Theory (Professor Motohico Mulase)
  • May 11 – Mathematics and Video Games (Wencin Poh)
  • May 18 – Game Theory (JK Lee)
  • June 1 – Error Correcting Codes (Michael Ragone)
  • June 8 – Math Auction

Presentation/Workshop Series (grades 5-7)

  • April 20 – Compound Interest, Population Growth, and Benford’s Law (Professor Tim Lewis)
  • May 4 – Tessellations of Planes with Regular Polygons (Wencin Poh)
  • May 11 – Mathematics and Video Games (Wencin Poh)
  • May 18 – Cryptography (TBC)
  • June 8 – Math Auction

These classes are free to everyone and are run on a drop-in basis.

Math Circle Junior (grades 2-4)

  • April 20th
  • April 27th
  • May 4th
  • May 11th
  • May 18th
  • May 25th
  • June 1st
  • June 8th

We have sent an earlier email and current enrollment for the classes is at maximum capacity. If you are interested to participate, stay tuned for our next email announcement on Math Circle Junior (Fall 2019) around the week of July 1st.

The last day for Math Circle and Math Circle Junior for the quarter is on June 8th. We will not host Math Circle after that and we will resume with Math Circle until October 5th.



8 thoughts on “Calendar

  1. Alina Hansel

    I have two boys in this age range that would be interesting in attending. Where/who ask for permission to join your groups? Thanks in advance


  2. Tanya mccormick

    Hi, we are here 11/17 for class and no one is here. Class must be cancelled due to smoke. We must not be on the email distribution? Can you please add us so we can get future info. Thank you

    • Davis Math Circle

      Hi Tanya, your email has been added into the mailing list. Yes, we decided not to hold Math Circle due to smoke and campus closure. Sorry about the confusion that was caused.

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