We have 10 different classes scheduled for spring. The first five weeks will consist of presentations from professors and graduate students in the UC Davis Mathematics Department, taught at a level appropriate for middle school/early high school students. The last five weeks will be hands-on lessons led by the coordinators of Math Circle, and are meant for 4th-6th graders. Please note that these age groups are suggestions, meant to inform parents of the maturity level necessary for and/or the level of interactivity provided in the class. We do not turn anyone away from any class based on age or grade. 

Classes will be held these following Saturdays 12-2 PM in Mathematical Sciences Building 2112 on the UC Davis Campus. Please note that this schedule may change slightly as time goes on, but overall will retain the same 5-week/5-week format between the two age groups. Any changes will be sent out in advance through email.
Guest Presentations, for 7th-9th graders:
  • April 7 – Knot Theory – Prof. Abigail Thompson
  • April 14 – Combinatorial Game Theory – Eric Severson
  • April 28 – Periodic Systems – Prof. Tim Lewis
  • May 5 – Numerics: Error Correcting Codes – Wencin Poh
Math Lessons, for 4th-6th graders:
  • May 12 – Modeling Disease Spread
  • May 19 – Intro to Knot Theory
  • May 26 – Codes and Cryptography
  • June 2 – Orders of Magnitude/Fermi Problems
  • June 9 – Intro to Game Theory
As a reminder, these classes are completely free to everyone and are run on a drop-in basis. Additionally, all on-campus parking is free on weekends.

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